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The Fire Blanket applications.

This fire blanket really can help, consider the advantage of having a product that doesn't require maintenance, never expires, and is eco friendly. Consider all that plus the benefits as a fire safety device.

You can use it in different applications, such as camping, imagen a sparkle of ember jumping out of your wood fire, you can cover it to avoid any extra fire. Also, turn off your own fireplace by suffocating the fire with the blanket, to give peace of mind.

If you grilling 🔥 at home, and things got little spicy and very hot, so hot you lose control of the heat and fire happens you only PULL and COVER and start all over, saving the day, and the house.

Things can get out of control in the kitchen. Having a fire blanket or two in the Kitchen doesn't leave any ABC mess on the food and the entire place in case of emergency, and the best part, you can reuse it.🔥