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Fire Blankets

This is an essential tool. Ideal for the kitchen, restaurants, fireplace, grill, car, camping, welding and more.


I like this better than the extinguisher which I have. Extinguishers even when used correctly still tend to blow the fire around and can actually spread it. Also, there is that residual gunk that the extinguisher leaves after the fire is gone; you have to clean that up. If used as demonstrated this fire blanket will completely engulf and smother the fire and not leave the gunk everywhere.

Johnny Cook

 Every home should own as many of these as there are people in the household!

Jennifer Jansson

Just received 2 Fire Blankets. I ordered the 39x39 size for our kitchen. It's the exact some fire blanket our local fire department showed us at a demonstration, so I was impressed with that. I pray we never have to use it! Received an email from the company, making sure I was happy with my purchase. That was impressive, not many companies that the time to do that. I most assuredly recommend buying from FireReaction!

Sidney Cole

I bought this cheap Fire blanket for just in case emergency tool at home.

The second day after the blanket arrival. I has cooking in by backyard a delicious BBQ, accidentally I tripped with the grill and kicked the food and the fire to the ground of my deck, LUCKY me I had the Fire Blanket, If it was Karma or destiny, It did save and safe my house. I recommend to anybody have one of this fire blanket.

Ian Greenberg

I'm a welder by profession and I do tons of work at home. My peace of mind are this Fire Blankets. 

I buy them to cover my garage while I work. Believe it on not, my insurance got lower. This little blanket is worth the money to have.

Antonio R.